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Gelato Fritz Strain by The Cure Company

Gelato Fritz Strain by The Cure Company

The Cure Company’s Gelato Fritz is one of the newest and most exciting strain offerings of our premium cannabis flower. As a part of the Fritz family lineup, this strain comes from our collaboration with the renowned Seed Junky Genetics.

Through our intricate and meticulous breeding process, we crafted a potent hybrid strain that doesn’t just live up to our standards but exceeds them. This decadent new strain is available in our premium eighths, 5G Smalls, Minis, and Blendz.

Gelato Fritz Strain

gelato fritz strain by the cure company
Gelato Fritz strain by The Cure Company

As the name suggests, Gelato Fritz is a cross between the famed Gelato strain and our beloved Fritz. Thus, its genetic history also contains Bubba Kush, Animal Mints, Sunset Sherbet, and Thin Mint GSC, which are iconic cultivars on their own.

As a blend of two hybrid strains, Gelato Fritz offers a potentially balanced experience that users may find perfect for any time of the day. Though, the Fritz side mellows the strain out, giving it a slight indica feel that can assist in relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Simultaneously, you may find that Gelato Fritz also potentially lifts you up and provides a wave of energy and creativity. This may be followed by a relaxing bliss, perfect for the end of a long day.

As soon as your eyes meet the colorful Gelato Fritz buds, you know the level of quality and potency you’re dealing with. Leaning on the darker side, the nugs hold a cavernous purple complex, giving way to the rainbow of colors resting aloft. Littered like leaves on a fall day, the flower presents bright hues of green and yellow with loads of fiery orange pistils. And just like the first snowfall of the winter season, the frosty trichomes cover the surface and foreshadow what’s ahead.

gelato fritz cure co

Gelato Fritz Flavors

Shift your focus to your other senses, and you’ll be met with a blast of sugary earth and delicious fruit on the nose of the Gelato Fritz. Additionally, you may smell undertones of fresh mint, sweet citrus, and spice. Depending on your flavor of choice, the scent and taste of Gelato Fritz may flash you back to your childhood days of eating a tasty frozen treat.

With just a few puffs of Gelato Fritz, you may find your anxiety, depression, or pain float away with ease. In larger amounts, this hybrid strain may leave you with a wave of relaxation that could lead to a night of restful sleep.

5G Smalls: Top-Selling Affordable Strains From The Cure Company

Gelato Fritz Products

When picking up this strain, you have multiple options to choose from at different weights and price points. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop harvest, the 8th of whole flower will offer the full experience. However, if size doesn’t matter, check out our 5G Smalls, which contains 5 grams of small buds. Similarly, “minis” can be purchased as a pack containing 14 grams of the same small buds. Moreover, if you’re looking for a larger quantity of this premium product at the lowest price possible, we offer Gelato Fritz in 14 grams of our Blendz shake.

Find Gelato Fritz by The Cure Company

The Cure Company offers our premium Gelato Fritz strain in various forms across multiple California dispensaries. If you’re located in Los Angeles, head to City Compassionate Caregivers, DTPG, or Originals to pick up this strain. To find a dispensary near you that offers this strain, visit our Weedmaps.