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The Cure Company’s Marathon OG strain is the only cut of OG Kush you’ll ever need. This indica-dominant hybrid strain was hand-picked by the late Nipsey Hussle himself. Stemming from his credo, “The Marathon Continues,” this is the kind of weed that might chill out a busy body. For the daily smoker, our famous Marathon OG might be the perfect fuel. Users may find this strain to be energizing to the brain, yet calming on the body. This is easily an OG you could smoke all day and well into the evening.

The appearance of our Marathon OG strain is exactly what you’d hope for from a top-tier cut of OG. These dense trichome-covered nugs show off brilliant light and dark green hues with pale orange pistils curling out. The crystally trichome layer that coats the surface of the nugs glistens in the light. Firm and sticky to the touch, this strain will break down fairly easily by hand but will leave your fingers covered in resinous flower matter. On the nose, you’ll pick up notes of lemons and piney cloves. Breaking a nug apart will release a strong musky spice that still has hints of sweetness.

Marathon OG

Treating yourself to some of our Marathon OG strain will most definitely make you feel like royalty. This cut represents everything experienced smokers love about OG Kush—sweet, lemony, musky, and spicy piney terps all paired with a THC potency that isn’t for beginners. Those suffering from issues with anxiety and stress may find their troubles melt away after a few puffs of our Marathon OG. A euphoric relaxation might wash over your body and provide mental clarity before possibly inducing hunger.

As the flagship strain of The Cure Company, we take immense pride in our Marathon OG strain. We worked closely with Nipsey to bring this strain to life and we believe it represents a piece of his legacy. We make sure our retailers are consistently carry the freshest cuts of this strain. Our Marathon OG strain represents the exquisite taste of Nipsey Hussle and is one of the truest cuts of OG you can find in the state of California.