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The Pacafi Dispensary family includes a chain of six individual cannabis dispensaries throughout the Central Valley in California. The Pacafi Cooperative focuses firmly on the community, and their Compassion Program aims to help those most in need of relief and support. They give veterans and medical patients access to amazing discounts every single day. Pacafi dispensaries feature all of the most exclusive cannabis products from The Cure Company in the Central Valley.

At all six Pacafi dispensaries customers will find The Cure Company’s premium flower and other cannabis products. Known for their friendly staff and knowledgeable budtenders, all of the Pacafi family’s cannabis retail locations offer convenient shopping in a comfortable atmosphere that puts customers at ease when they walk through the door.

Here’s a rundown on the Pacafi family of dispensaries and a top-selling strain from The Cure Company available at each location.


Phenos offers a vast menu of cannabis products in Modesto, including flower, tinctures, pre-rolls, edibles, rosins, and resins. Regular customers have called Phenos a palace of cannabis, and the super friendly staff are happy to answer all your cannabis questions.

Alien OG 3.5g

The Cure Company’s top-rated hybrid Alien OG, aka Alien OG Kush, is an F1 indoor-grown cross between a Tahoe OG female and an Alien Kush male initially bred by Obsol3te. With 24% THC, Alien OG might provide relaxing, happy, uplifting vibes and has a skunky, earthy flavor overlaid with lemony citrus and some diesel kush notes.


Stockton, California’s Packs is a community-focused, pocketbook-friendly cannabis dispensary. As part of the Pacafi Cooperative, Packs works passionately to bring California’s best cannabis to Stockton area consumers. Fast, friendly staff and helpful budtenders leave you feeling high before you even leave the shop. Special discounts include 30% off 710 Labs Concentrates for veterans.

Paris OG 3.5g

It’s no wonder The Cure Company’s legendary Paris OG is one of the best-selling strains at Packs. Paris OG’s High Times’ Cannabis Cup-winning lineage comes from Lemon OG and Headband. The result has dank buds sparkling with trichomes and a lemony diesel flavor and aroma. Fans of the strain report the buzz as potentially relaxing and uplifting.

Patient Care First

Modesto’s friendly Patient Care First cannabis retailer is the definition of a community-focused dispensary. Along with Phenos, PCF is one of Modesto locals’ favorite cannabis shops. With a background heavy in medical marijuana focus, their helpful staff is expert at helping medical patients. But PCF has gotten into the recreational cannabis game in a big way, and their stock offers an expansive menu of various products and pricing for every budget.

Marathon OG 1g Pre-Roll

The notorious and sought-after Marathon OG is Nipsey Hussle’s legacy strain, crafted in partnership with The Cure Company. Named after Hussle’s classic mixtapes, this powerful OG hybrid might stimulate creativity, boost mood, and induce maximum relaxation. Its distinctive piney, lemony, floral aromas layer a spicy, earthy, lemony taste.


BlueFire serves the town of Merced, California, and the surrounding small-town community. A diverse inventory and top-shelf quality strains come from some of California’s best brands. Recreational and medical consumers visit BlueFIRE for the cleanest, best-quality cannabis products in the area. More than a cannabis shop, BlueFIRE is a community advocate, friendly neighbor, and go-to feel-good resource for Merced area locals. Their competitive pricing, convenient location off Hwy 99, and friendly, helpful staff keep customers returning again and again.


From our new Fritz strain lineup, the Animal Fritz strain is a high-THC combination of Animal Face and Fritz. This heavy-hitting hybrid reeks of spearmint and earthy dough, showing off purple and dark green foliage. An extremely thick layer of yellowed trichomes on its surface hint at its potency. Smoking some might produce a buzzing cerebral high that fades into a pleasant and relaxing chill.


Turlock’s Firehouse Dispensary is the area’s newest recreational and medical cannabis dispensary. Firehouse’s friendly, knowledgeable staff run the shop with the same Pacafai focus on community and service as the other shops. Get premium flower, concentrates, vape oil, live resins, and more from the best West Coast brands and expert advice from budtenders who love helping customers choose the right products in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cherry On Top 3.5g

The Indica-dominant hybrid Cherry Pie is one of The Cure Company’s most sought-after strains at Firehouse. Recreational consumers like it for its potentially relaxing effects and mood-boosting euphoric feel. Medical patients may take Cherry On Top for its potential to relieve muscle aches and joint stiffness.


Flavors is Pacafi’s Riverbank, CA branch, and it follows the family’s dedication to the local community and focuses on compassionate service. Helpful staff and friendly budtenders aim to please and are happy to answer questions about their cannabis products. But Flavors goes a step further by offering CBD products to customers at cost, plus tax. The shop provides this discount as a community service, and neither Flavors nor their Pacafi parent company profit from their CBD products.

Bacio 3.5g

Bacio, aka Gelato 41, crosses Thin Mint Cookies with Sunset Sherbert for a classic Gelato strain. Sweet, earthy, and higher in THC than other Gelatos, Bacio is one of The Cure Company’s newest and most popular strains with the real cannasseurs that shop at Flavors.


All six Pacafi dispensaries offer 10% off all cannabis products (excluding merch and gear, CBD, Lowell disposable vapes, and vape batteries. 10% off all veterans (excludes exclusive items, gear, CBD, Batteries & Lowell Disposables.) Veterans can get up to two secret menu items at 10% off.

Follow your local Pacafi dispensaries on social media for special deals, giveaways, deals, new products, and exclusive offers and products. Products listed online may not always be in stock, so call and ask if you’ve got your heart set on something particular. Ask what new products they have in from The Cure Company.