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The Cure Company is proud to announce our latest collaboration with Packwoods. After a successful run of our Packwoods x The Cure Company Premium Infused Cannabis Pre-Roll line featuring our Real OG flower, we knew we had to run it back. This time, our famous Curelato strain was an easy choice. These prized genetics came from a very special pheno of Gelato #33 that took us five years to perfect. 

Hand-picked and rolled up in a tobacco-free blunt wrap, our premium strain is infused with a precise blend of flower, concentrate, and kief. Packwoods is the favorite infused blunt of celebrities like Rick Ross, Berner, and Wiz Khalifa because they’re crazy strong. Weighing in at 2 grams of flower, .25 grams of concentrate, and .25 grams of kief, this blunt is serious business. Wholly derived from our exclusive Curelato, this product offers a one-of-a-kind, strain-specific experience.  

Curelato is a combination of two iconic strains, Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert. These legendary parents create a balanced hybrid blend that has quickly become a customer favorite. Those looking for some daytime fuel may find the uplifting head rush to boost productivity and creativity. Though, in larger amounts, you might find yourself lost in a blissful daze. The various benefits Curelato can potentially provide made it a no-brainer when choosing which one of our strains to infuse next. 

Every Packwoods x The Cure Company Premium Infused Cannabis Pre-Roll comes in a decorative case. The blunt is held inside a glass tube with their classic neon wax melting over the top. Inside the case, you’ll find a visual breakdown of the crazy infusion they’ve made with our Curelato strain. It’s all held together by an exclusive glass filter that provides a consistent and smooth draw from start to finish.

Curelato Strain

As it comes from the very special pheno Gelato #33, the Curelato strain is the real deal, packing an undeniably powerful punch. This exclusive hybrid blend is a combination of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert, both consumer favorites. A sheet of dense trichomes layer the top of the Curelato buds, slightly hiding way of the deep green and purple undertones. Earthy orange pistils are also scattered amongst the frosty nugs, confirming the quality of the plant. Upon opening the jar, you’re immediately hit with a wave of fruity pine and musky mint that alerts your senses.

Our Packwoods collab is the weapon of choice when it comes to showing off the beloved Curelato strain. 2 Grams of indoor-grown flower mixed with .25 grams of nug run sauce, then .25 grams of dry-sifted kief. All strain-specific. This might be the most luxurious Curelato experience possible.

Exclusive Retail Locations

The Cure Company x Packwoods Curelato tobaccoless blunt can be found while supplies last where The Cure Company products are sold. Buy it at any of our three official retail locations throughout Los Angeles. Visit City Compassionate Caregivers (CCC,) Downtown Patient Group (DTPG,) and Originals Factory & Weed Shop to find our limited run Packwoods Premium Infused Pre-Roll Blunt. Check their Weedmaps menus and consider calling ahead to check product availability. 

City Compassionate Caregivers

2235 E. 7th Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90023

Downtown Patient Group

930 S. Alameda Street

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Originals Factory & Weed Shop

6500 Stanford Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90001