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3 Cannabis Dispensaries In Southern California That Carry The Cure Company

3 Cannabis Dispensaries In Southern California That Carry The Cure Company

The Cure Company is proud of its retail partners because they uphold our obsession with quality control. Our team has been cultivating California’s finest cannabis products since 1996. We care deeply about where the products we meticulously craft end up. If you’re on the lookout for the Cure Company’s line of top-shelf cannabis products you’ve come to the right place. Look no further than this guide to three Southern California dispensaries that carry the Cure Company.


First on the list is Haven Dispensaries. From Los Angeles to Long Beach, Haven offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere at all six of its Southern California locations. With a knowledgeable staff and a wide array of options on the menu, Haven has the right products for any occasion. The dispensary aims to improve the quality of life of its customers through its cannabis products. 

Haven carries flower, vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, smoking accessories, apparel, and of course The Cure Company products. 

Skywalker OG Flower

Skywalker OG carries the spicy aroma of jet fuel and diesel with the flavor of fresh pine. The dense green nugs are covered in a frosty layer of trichomes and fiery orange hairs.

The nugs are sticky with resin, indicating ample cannabinoids and terpenoids. Containing 25.83% THC, users report a potentially heavy experience that may lead to some couch-locked relaxation. Grab your favorite snack food for this strain and the munchies that may come with it. 


Miami Fritz Flower

The Miami Fritz is fondly referred to as the most decadent cultivar in The Fritz roster. A cross between Skittlez and Fritz, this Sativa-leaning hybrid carries a connoisseur-level combination of terps. The result is a taste and smell of tropical mint candy. The potentially euphoric effects of the Miami Fritz might make it the perfect strain for stress release. 


Catalyst Cannabis Dispensaries operate in 8 retail locations throughout Southern California. Their Belmont location in Long Beach carries some of our freshest drops. This dispensary puts its focus on a customer-driven experience with an emphasis on education. The knowledgeable staff of budtenders can help find the right products for the cannasseur and newbie alike. Catalyst dispensaries specialize in edibles, topicals, tinctures, top-shelf flower, vape cartridges, THC products, CBD products, and more.


Marathon OG Flower

Marathon OG carries the legacy of hip-hop legend Nipsey Hussle. The strain is delicious with hints of earth and lemony spice on each exhale. This strain is a heavy-hotter, containing 29.9% THC. You may experience a deep sense of relaxation after sparking up some Marathon OG even if you smoke daily. 

The Fritz Flower

The Fritz is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is made up of a cross between Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. The coffee-like cultivar contains flavors of earthy cookies, chocolate, and sweet mint. The strain’s potentially calming capabilities may be a great option for people who struggle with sleeping or eating. Another heavy-hitting strain, the Fritz contains 32.3% THC.


Jaderoom has dispensaries in Torrance and Santa Ana committed to serving their communities. These dispensaries achieve their goals by educating people about the benefits, effects, regulations, and safe ways to use cannabis. Jaderoom’s values lie in being responsible, being educational, and being virtuous. Their wide arrays of products include edibles, topicals, tinctures, flower, vape cartridges, THC products, CBD products, and more.


The Sherbmints strain is a powerful offspring of Sunset Sherb and Kush Mints. The strain contains notes of sweet cream and freshly baked cookies with minty overtones. Containing 28.06% THC, the strain is highly potent and may result in some deep body relaxation combined with a notably stimulating mental experience. 


Curelato GRAV Glass Prerolls

For the cannabis lover who prefers not to roll their own joints, the Curelato Strain GRAV pre-rolls save you the time and effort of rolling yourself. These GRAV Glass Pre-rolls allow the purest flavors and aromas of the Curelato to seep out. The pre-rolls come in a pack of seven 0.5 gram pre-filled tubes totaling an eighth of flower.

Visit The Cure Company’s Weedmaps page to find the retailer nearest you. At any of our trusted retailers, you’re sure to find the freshest cannabis products from us. Haven, Catalyst, and Jade Room are all outstanding dispensaries to find California’s finest cannabis from The Cure Company.