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Three Cheapest Cannabis Dispensaries To Buy The Cure Company At In California

Three Cheapest Cannabis Dispensaries To Buy The Cure Company At In California

If you’re looking for premium weed at affordable prices in California, The Cure Company has you covered. Our products can be found throughout the entire state of California at various partner dispensaries. Prices of our products may vary between each dispensary, especially depending on the location. So, which California dispensaries carry The Cure Company’s products for the cheapest?

Generally, our products will be more costly in big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. In comparison, dispensaries in quieter towns tend to have lower taxes. Prices can fluctuate considerably, so it is important and beneficial to know where you can get the best bang for your buck when buying our high-quality products. 

Originals San Diego

Originals in San Diego is a great place to secure The Cure Company’s weed. They have a team of cannabis specialists who offer an intuitive and worry-free dispensary experience. Located on Federal Blvd in SD, Originals offers a wide variety of our cannabis products.

For a major city, Originals SD carries our products at some of the cheapest prices. The Cure Company’s flower at Originals ranges from $30 to $50 per 8th before tax. Additionally, a 3 pack of prerolls starts at $55 before tax. They also offer our 1 gram cartridges, which start at $36.53 before tax.

PACAFI Dispensaries

PACAFI is a chain of six individual cannabis dispensaries located throughout Central Valley, CA. These storefronts include Phenos in Modesto, Packs in Stockton, Patient Care First in Modesto, Blue Fire in Merced, Firehouse in Turlock, and Flavors in Riverbank. All six of these dispensaries offer various Cure Company products, including whole flower and pre-rolls for the cheapest prices in the Central Valley.

At Patient Care First, premium flower by The Cure Company starts at $28.24 per 8th before tax. Similarly, you’ll find our premium flower at Phenos for about $4 more per 8th. For just a couple of dollars more than that, you’ll find a variety of our products at Packs. The cost of our products at Firehouse sits safely in between all of these prices. In fact, you can currently catch our Paris OG for a little over $19 at Firehouse.

City Compassionate Caregivers

Despite being located in the heart of Los Angeles, City Compassionate Caregivers (CCC) offers a variety of Cure Company products at affordable prices. In fact, CCC has the largest inventory of our products in the state. This makes sense when you consider that our high-tech grow is on-site. Between whole flower 8ths, pre-rolls, 5G smalls, sauce, Packwoods, distillate carts, and more, CCC is your destination for everything Cure Company.

The Cure Company’s flower ranges anywhere from $30 to $46 per 8th. Cartridges start at $22, with one gram cartridges for $50. All of our other products offered at CCC are also priced fairly. The best bang for your buck at City Compassionate Caregivers is 14 grams of our Minis for $81.96, or a gram of our sauce for only $18.26 before tax.

When shopping for premium cannabis at affordable prices, consider The Cure Company’s products at a retailer near you. We recommend doing your research to find the fairest prices in your vicinity and to see what deals are currently in place. To compare prices of our cannabis products in various dispensaries across California, visit our Weedmaps page below.