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For over 45 years, High Times has been the world’s most well-known cannabis brand. For the past four and a half decades they’ve been championing a lifestyle and educating the masses on the benefits of Mary Jane. They’re responsible for industry-leading events like the High Times Cannabis Cup and High Times Business Summit. In the wake of the pandemic and the need for a high-quality delivery solution, they’re now delivering your favorite cannabis products right to your doorstep. High Times Delivery is operating in Northern and Southern California and is officially carrying all of the best products from The Cure Company.

Creating a delivery arm for their new retail locations has always been a plan for High Times. They believe customers are agnostic about where they complete their transactions, according to a press release from Under new direction, High Times hopes to continue its legacy in California by bringing retail, delivery, and cultivation into its operations. You can now find a wide array of flower products from High Times available for delivery in addition to our own famous Cure Company goods.

As High Times expands its delivery service in Northern and Southern California, we’re proud to be a part of their craft menu. As purveyors of the culture for so many decades, the minds behind High Times understand outstanding cannabis when they see it. Look for The Cure Company’s premium eighths, concentrates, pre-rolls, distillate vapes, and our Lifts pre-roll packs. Find them delivering seven days a week from 8:30 am-9:30 pm and be sure to check the express menu for faster service.

Order Online

First-Time Patients

When you order from High Times Delivery for the first time, use code: HT20 to receive 20% off. Make sure to send a clear picture of you with your ID to begin the ordering process. High Times only charges a $45 minimum purchase to qualify for free delivery. The prices on their website do not include local, state, or excise tax. 

Delivery Locations

High Times Delivery is now servicing the greater Sacramento and LA Metro areas. Delivery locations in Southern California include Los Angeles, Korea Town, Huntington Park, Maywood, Alhambra, Eagle Rock, West Hollywood, South Gate, Pasadena, Culver City, Downey, Glendale, Gardena, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Baldwin Park, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Signal Hill, and Long Beach.

Product Recommendations

We’re working to bring the full lineup of The Cure Company’s products to High Times Delivery in greater Sacramento and the LA Metro area. Currently, you can find some of our best-selling products from each category lining their menu. Here are a few favorites that we recommend for anyone who wants to taste the Finest Weed in LA.


Marathon OG

The Cure Company’s Marathon OG strain is the only cut of OG Kush you’ll ever need. Hand-picked by the late Nipsey Hussle himself, this indica-dominant hybrid is a true winner. Stemming from his credo, “The Marathon Continues,” this is the kind of kush you could smoke daily. The smell on the nose is incredibly sweet and piney, while the smoke produces more of an earthy spice. Users may enjoy a mentally energizing high from this strain that ultimately calms and relaxes the body.MARATHON OG STRAIN


Our Curelato strain is the cannasseur’s choice for decadent Gelato varieties. On the nose, this strain reeks of fruity cereal with sharp, spicy undertones. A cross between Gelato #1 and Legend Orange Apricot, the nug appeal on this strain is crazy. Purple nugs with hints of dark green foliage make this strain look like a fancy dessert. The high may be heavy on the body, but uplifting and euphoric for the mind.



Marathon OG 1G Pre-Roll

What better way to keep hustling and motivating than to pick up a 1G whole-flower pre-roll of The Cure Company’s premium, indoor-grown Marathon OG? This way you get all of your sweet, lemony, and peppery terps rolled and ready to go. 

Lifts Pre-Roll Pack 

The Cure Company now has a more affordable pre-roll pack called Lifts that features all of our best strains, as well as Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends. These packs come with five pre-rolls that are rolled in Futurola rice papers. High Times Delivery currently carries our Sherbmints and Curelato strains in Lifts pre-roll packs.


Sherbmints Refined Live Resin

Sherbmints is one of our most colorful, flavorful, and potent strains that may promote full-body relaxation, stress relief, and blissful euphoria. By taking fresh frozen Sherbmints flower and refining it into live resin, you’re getting all of your favorite qualities taken to the extreme. Our Sherbmints Refined Live Resin will have you licking your chops after each dab.


Curelato Diamonds

Curelato Diamonds. We’ll say it again—Curelato Diamonds. What could be better than our famous Curelato strain than a live resin diamonds version of it? Through careful extraction, The Cure Company Extracts have given daily dabbers the one-two punch they’ve been craving. Our Curelato Diamonds have it all, fruity and spicy terps through the roof, and a potency that isn’t for beginners.


Grape Soda 1G Distillate Vape

The Cure Company is now producing a powerful line of one-gram ceramic 510 thread distillate cartridges. Using natural terpenes and the cleanest, and most potent cannabis distillate that we refine in-house, we’ve made something special. If you’re looking for big flavor and high THC, our Grape Soda distillate vape is a great option. Grape berry flavors will fill your mouth as the potency of the distillate may take you to cloud nine. 

Lemonberry 1G Distillate Vape

Lemonberry is another delicious flavor from The Cure Company’s new line of naturally flavored distillate cartridges. The name says it all, lemons, berries, swirling together to create a tasty cart that isn’t too harsh on the smoke. The lemony flavor may also help relieve anxiety. Our high-tech ceramic 510 thread cartridges will rip strong and true until the last drop of oil.

Be sure to check out @thecurecompany on Instagram for current updates on new products and news. Visit High Times Delivery’s online menu to find all of the newest and greatest products from The Cure Company.