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City Compassionate Caregivers is more than just a luxurious weed dispensary in the Arts District of Downtown LA. It’s also the location of The Cure Company’s unique two-story seed-to-sale cannabis facility where we produce some of the leading genetics in the state. 

Our past collaborations with high-profile celebrities such as Nipsey Hussle or Snoop Dogg have earned the stamp of approval by cannabis culture’s most beloved icons and artists. When you visit our dispensary, you’re guaranteed to find the freshest drops of The Cure Company’s coveted cannabis products.

With eight functioning rooms for cultivation, we’re able to pump out consistently premium cannabis how and when we want. Having our flagship retailer in the same location as our grow fully maximizes our abilities to receive feedback and maintain quality control. At City Compassionate Caregivers, we carry over 1,000 cannabis products from California’s leading brands alongside our own. This allows customers the comfort of a wide selection along with the consistency of our flower, pre-rolls, and vapes.

If there’s one thing that The Cure Company offers at CCC—it’s options. With a constantly rotating line-up along with some mainstays, there’s always something new to check out from us. The Cure Company has been growing weed since 1996. Our seed bank is stockpiled with potent and original genetics that we work with. Here are a few winners from the flower, pre-roll, and vape categories made by The Cure Company in Downtown LA. 


Marathon OG

Our Marathon OG strain is the perfect marriage of lemon and spice. This indica-dominant hybrid strain was hand-picked by the late Nipsey Hussle himself. For the experienced stoner on the go, our famous Marathon Kush may be the perfect fuel. Users may find this strain to be energizing to the brain, yet calming on the body. Available in eighths, pre-rolls, and our 5G Smalls, this could be the most consistently high-quality OG Kush variety in Los Angeles. This is a strain that we always have on tap at City Compassionate Caregivers.


Our Curelato strain is the knockout Gelato you’ve been looking for. A cross between Gelato #1 and Legend Orange Apricot, this strain has an extremely unique nose. Its initial aroma is reminiscent of fruity cereal with sharp, spicy undertones. The nug appeal on this strain is crazy, with buds that are nearly completely purple with hints of dark green. The high from this strain might be heavy yet incredibly uplifting. Available in eighths, pre-rolls, and our 5G Smalls, this is another hallmark strain we always try to keep in stock. It just goes fast!


The Cure Company’s popular King Louie strain is a cross between LA Confidential and OG Kush. Leaning more towards the funky spice of an OG’s lineage, this indica strain packs a serious punch. The buds have a notable density and display a healthy coating of trichomes that make them quite sticky. Available in our premium eighths and 5G Smalls, our King Louie strain may produce heavy sedation that puts you at ease.


Pineapple Haze

A newer addition to our lineup, The Cure Company’s Pineapple Haze strain is rich in terpinolene that may uplift, energize, and spark creativity. The nug appeal on this strain will delight any sativa-lover, as the conal buds show off light greens and oranges classically. This strain is currently available from us in our premium eighths and doesn’t miss on the sweet melon flavors you’d expect from a Pineapple cross. 


The Mimosa strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from crossing Clementine and Purple Punch. Our Mimosa strain comes with all of our favorite fruity flavors and sour citrus aromas that pay the lineage homage. One of the best strains for daytime use, Mimosa may hit your head hard and increase your energy and improve your focus. This decadent and mood-lifting strain is available in our premium eighths and 5G Smalls.



A sister to the beloved Sunset Sherbet, The Cure Company’s Sherbmints strain has a tremendous flavor that’s almost like tasting fresh sorbet. Sweet, creamy, and with a smooth cookie aftertaste, this might become your new go-to hybrid. The buds are chunky and have pockets of purple with deep greens interwoven. A thick layer of trichomes on its surface almost looks like icing. Find the Sherbmints strain available in our premium eighths and 5G Smalls.


The S’Mores strain doesn’t necessarily have a graham cracker or marshmallow profile, but it still packs a candy-like sweetness with fruity undertones. A cross between Sunset Sherbet and the Exotikz’ Sherbert strains, this indica-leaning hybrid strain is a newer addition to The Cure Company’s lineup. A calming, uplifting, and ultimately sedative high may come from smoking the S’Mores strain. Find this rich and exotic cultivar available in our premium eighths and 5G Smalls.

5G Smalls

The Cure Company’s cannabis flower is competitively priced for its quality, but for the more budget consumer, we also have our 5G Smalls line. The Cure Company’s full strain library is represented in our 5G Smalls, they’re simply the smaller buds that don’t make it into our premium eighth jars. With our Smalls, you’re still getting nearly the same potency, terps, and signature cure that we’re famous for. Find our Marathon OG, King Louie, Gelato, Curelato, Sherbmints, PGMO, Animal Face, Paris OG, and more in our 5G Smalls.

Lifts Pre-Rolls

Lifts is The Cure Company’s new line of affordable pre-roll packs. This is the best way for a thrifty customer to enjoy our flavorful and potent indoor-grown cannabis. Using smalls and shake, we have put together an Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa blend that each have plenty of flavor. Each pack comes with five pre-rolls totaling 3.5 grams of flower that’s rolled in Futurola classic white rolling papers.

The Cure Company Extracts

The Cure Company is currently releasing high-quality cannabis concentrates from some of our most popular strains. Currently available at City Compassionate Caregivers, our Curelato Diamonds are nug run and come with big THCA diamonds bathed in terpene-rich sauce. The sharp cereal flavors shine through with each hit. Daily dabbers will rejoice in the consistent flavor; it tastes just like the flower!


If you’re looking for some of The Cure Company’s popular strains such as Marathon OG and The Real OG in vape form, we also produce 1 gram distillate vape cartridges with botanically derived terpenes. These terpenes are food-grade and bursting with flavor. Discreet cannabis consumers can rejoice in a convenient and tasty way of enjoying our famous cannabis strains on the go. Each of our vapes comes in a fully ceramic 510 thread cartridge with a low resistance ceramic coil for large hits and incredible taste.


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