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The Cure Company is always searching for the latest and greatest cannabis genetics to bring to our loyal fans. We are proud to present a new and exclusive strain line-up in collaboration with Seed Junky Genetics—The Fritz strains. 

Seed Junky Genetics took four of our most potent strains—Animal Face, Biscotti, Skittlez, and Bubba Kush—to cross with Fritz. Then, using our expert indoor grow and an intense pheno hunt, we were able to cultivate the most diverse flavors and potentially mind-melting highs. 

The Animal Fritz, Biscotti Fritz, Miami Fritz, and Fritz are our newest and most honest attempts at creating high potency strains that definitely don’t lack taste or trichome density. Each of these THC powerhouses is focused on potentially stimulating the mind and giving the body a recovery-like experience.

Each of these strains is currently available (while supplies last) in our premium eighths and 5G Smalls at City Compassionate Caregivers, DTPG, Originals, NUG, and High Times Dispensaries. Check their menus daily for any new drops of these hard-hitting strains. Visit our Weedmaps Retailers page to find the nearest place you can go pick up or get it delivered.

The Fritz Strains

Animal Fritz (Animal Face x Fritz)

Animal Fritz is a powerful hybrid cannabis strain that is as flavorful as it is potent. Potentially the perfect pairing for outdoor relaxation, this strain might offer a seriously uplifting experience. The nugs show off light green, yellow, and purple coloration with a sparkling layer of trichomes coating the exterior. 

By crossing our Animal Face with Fritz you get a high-THC cultivar that reeks of spearmint and earthy dough. This strain may create more of a buzzing cerebral high at first that fades into a pleasant and relaxing chill. Anxiety, pain, and depression may melt away as this strain uplifts your entire mood while simultaneously calming your body.

Biscotti Fritz (Biscotti x Fritz)

A strain fit for musicians, artists, and creatives, the Biscotti Fritz may aid in any mind-stimulating endeavors. The nugs are bushy, showing off light and dark green leaves, with vibrant orange pistils jutting out. Squeezing them coats your fingers in a gassy resin that might be very sticky.

Biscotti Fritz is a hybrid cannabis strain that crosses Biscotti with Fritz to create a formidable hitter brimming with gassy mint cookie dough aromas and flavors. This strain may produce a strong cerebral high that fuels creativity while setting your body on cruise control. If you’re looking for something potentially calming to smoke that might keep your brain buzzing—the Biscotti Fritz is ready to be found.

Fritz (Bubba Kush x Animal Mints)

With its Bubba Kush lineage, the Fritz strain might come across more like an OG with a Cookies twist. Inspecting the flower, it has more of a dense, conal, finger-like shape. Fritz shows off various light green hues with a literal blanket of yellow trichomes wrapping around it.

Fritz is an indica dominant hybrid strain that might immediately remove the tension and stress from your body and mind. By crossing Bubba Kush with Animal Mints you end up with this coffee-like cultivar with notes of cookies, chocolate, and sweet mint. Smoking this strain may bring in waves of positivity to your brain, calming even the busiest body. If you have trouble sleeping or eating more than one full meal in a day, our Fritz strain could be the medicine you need.

Miami Fritz (Skittlez x Fritz)

The Miami Fritz strain is the sweetest and most decadent cultivar in The Fritz roster. The chunky nugs have a sugary coating of trichomes that cover grassy green and light purple foliage. 

By crossing Skittlez with Fritz, you arrive at this sativa-dominant hybrid that smells and tastes like tropical mint candy. A wave of fruity and fresh flavors might wash away any stress and promote a general sense of euphoria. Our Miami Fritz is a connoisseur-level combination of candylike, minty terps, and impressive cannabinoid potency that may immediately relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression.

You can find each of these premium Fritz strains by searching Weedmaps for your closest retailer. Be on the lookout for any new exclusive and high-potency strains from The Cure Company at any place where our products are sold.